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Step 1: Choose your company name Check if your company name is available. (Try Google and your state's Secretary of State Office). Step 2: Determine your entity type: sole prop, s-corp, LLC, non-profit. Hint: Talk to an account and a lawyer. Step 3A: Set up a sole proprietorship Register a Business Name ("Doing Business As") Step 3B: Set up a general partnership Draft and sign partnership agreement. Step 3C: Set up a corporation File your Articles of Incorporation File Statement of Information with the Secretary of State Apply and obtain an EIN Step 4: Set up bank account Step 5: Get your business licenses. Check with the Finance Office in your City and County. Check with an attorney and accountant who works with small business owners. Step 6: Find out about other permits (Some industries require additional licenses in order to legally operate. Check your city, county and state laws). Step 7: Set up a bookkeeping system for your new business. Step 8: Hire an accountant and/or bookkeeper. Step 9: Put important dates on your calendar (like tax deadlines, filing due dates, you know the fun stuff!) Step 10: Determine how will you pay yourself? Will you set up a monthly payroll or just write yourself a check? Optional - If you're going to set up an S-Corp you need to file an S-Corp Election. Step 3D: Set up an LLC File Articles of Organization

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